Climate Changers

21st Century Climate Communication with Max Boykoff

Episode Summary

Max Boykoff is the Director of the Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado Boulder. Max’s research and creative work focuses on the transformation of carbon-based society and the cultural politics of science, climate change and environmental issues. In this interview, we explore how creative communication about climate change transcends talking past one another and “gotcha moments” and rather moves to meet people where they are. To be effective storytellers and open peoples minds to new ideas, we need to find areas where we have common ground and shared values and concerns and then use that common ground as a foundation for deeper engagement around climate change.

Episode Notes

Calls to Action

Learn more about Max's newest book, published by Cambridge University Press: Creative (Climate) Communications

Max is a Project Leader for Inside the Greenhouse, a multidisciplinary team that uses creative framing and storytelling of issues surrounding climate change through video, theatre, dance, and writing to connect a wider audience to the deep and pressing need to address climate change.