Climate Changers

Implementing Large Scale Renewable Energy Projects with Jeff Bedard

Episode Summary

Jeff Bedard has led the development of real estate, sustainability and renewable energy projects throughout the United States for over 30 years. Projects have included mixed use, sustainable urban infill communities with retail, residential, office, and hospitality components, and more recently, solar energy, wind, and cogeneration applications. He has extensive experience working with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the US Army on the development of $7 billion of renewable energy projects.

Episode Notes

Jeff Bedard provides renewable energy consulting services from a business and technical standpoint. He offers a broad range of technical, market, and advisory services and has worked across the globe on projects ranging from electrifying sustainable resorts in Mexico, to bringing renewable energy to the largest resort on Maui, to planning, designing, and implementing renewable energy projects across entire corporate real estate portfolios.